Resistant bacteria

This page informs you about the existence of resistant bacteria and the preliminary actions of the Rotterdam Eye Hospital. The collective term for resistant (bacteria) is AMR (Antimicrobial Resistance). The most common known resistant bacterium is MRSA.


Every person carries bacteria. Bacteria can be found on the body and in the body. These bacteria belong to humans and often perform a useful function. In general, bacteria hardly ever cause problems. If problems do occur, they are treated properly with antibiotics. Bacteria resistant to commonly used antibiotics exist as well. Like ordinary bacteria, resistant bacteria hardly ever cause problems.

Consequences in a hospital

For many reasons, people come together in a hospital, which enlarges the risk of spreading bacteria. As patients are often less resistant they are more likely to catch (serious) infections, like a wound infection after surgery. If anywhere, in a hospital it is of major importance to detect carriers of bacteria timely, in order to prevent transfer of these bacteria to other patients. For this reason, we screen patients who are admitted to the nursing ward or who have surgery under retrobulbar block in the day clinic.


In order for us to estimate whether you are carrier of antimicrobial resistant bacteria, we kindly request you to fill out the questionnaire 'resistant bacteria'. If one of the questions is answered with 'yes', it is important to investigate whether you are indeed a carrier. A few tests will provide definite answers. For detecting antimicrobial resistant bacteria, a test with a cotton swab from the rectum is required. For detecting MRSA, a test with a cotton swab from skin, mucous membrane and, if present, wounds is needed. Test results are ready after 5 work days.


There are no consequences regarding your medical procedure or treatment, if test results show you are indeed carrier of resistant bacteria. In this case special preliminary protections might be taken.


It is important to contact us in case you have been admitted to a hospital abroad between filling out the questionnaire and the surgery, or in case you have any further questions.

Phone number nursery ward: +31 (0)10 401 76 79
Phone number cataract centre / day clinic: +31 (0)10 401 76 97

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