Coronavirus: important information before you come to The Rotterdam Eye Hospital

On this page, you will find all the important information about the measures we take as a result of the coronavirus.

Other information, forms and leaflets are available in Dutch. Our staff speaks Dutch. If you find it difficult to communicate in Dutch, please bring someone with you who can help.

All operations and consultations at the outpatient clinic will be carried out as planned. The Rotterdam Eye Hospital will continue to provide every form of eye care. This means that all operations and appointments at the outpatient clinic will continue. However, we do take appropriate measures to provide our care as safely as possible. Please read this page for more information.

Your safety

We have taken many measures for your and our safety, and we follow government guidelines. These measures are not always pleasant, but they are necessary to protect you and ourselves against the coronavirus (COVID-19). Here are some examples of our measures:


We ask you to disinfect your hands as soon as you enter the hospital.


We greet you without shaking your hand.

Beschermende kleding

Our staff wears protective clothing where necessary.

15 min

We ask you not to enter the hospital too early. This means we ask you to wait until at least 15 minutes before your consultation appointment starts. This way, the time you spend in our building is as short as possible.


I have an appointment, but I have a cold

Do you have an appointment for a consultation, but you experience symptoms of a cold (e.g., coughing, sneezing, shortness of breath) that may be related to the coronavirus? If so, please call us on telephone number 010 401 77 77 and keep your patient number handy.

If you do not have any urgent eye complaints, we need to cancel your appointment. In that case, a new appointment (by telephone)* will be scheduled for you. This also applies to children with non-urgent complaints.

Have you cancelled your appointment, for example, because you had symptoms of a cold? And are you better again? Please contact our Customer Contact Centre by telephone.

*Appointment by telephone

We can decide to carry out the consultation by telephone. The practitioner will then call you. This appointment by telephone (phone consultation) replaces the appointment you would normally have at The Rotterdam Eye Hospital. This phone consultation will also be charged. It does not matter if this is your first appointment or a repeat appointment.

I want to make an appointment with The Eye Hospital

Are you a new patient? Or do you have a new (eye) problem? If so, you can make an appointment with The Rotterdam Eye Hospital, unless you are (possibly) infected with the coronavirus.

Patients with emergency complaints can always go to the hospital. Even if you are (possibly) infected with the coronavirus. You will always need a referral letter from your GP or optometrist for emergency care.

You have been or will be vaccinated: can your appointment take place?

Your appointment at the Rotterdam Eye Hospital can take place if you have recently been vaccinated or are about to receive the vaccination. This also applies to the eye injections at the macular poli. The vaccination and the eye injection do not affect each other.

You may have read that the government recommends waiting at least 7 days after the corona vaccination before getting another vaccination. The injections we administer within our hospital are not vaccinations. This advice therefore does not apply to our treatments.

More information about the coronavirus

On the government website, you can read more about the coronavirus. On this website, you can also find the press conference in understandable language.