International Conference on Ophthalmic Photography 2021

  • 16 - 18 april 2021
  • S.S. Rotterdam

 Event banner ICOP2021

Interested in ophthalmic photography, ophthalmic imaging or medical and biological illustration? Attend ICOP2021! ICOP, the International Conference on Ophthalmic Photography, will take place April 16 - 18 2021, hosted by The Rotterdam Eye Hospital and the Dutch Ophthalmic Photographers Society, in the beautiful city of Rotterdam, The Netherlands!

The long-established tradition of ophthalmic imagers, optometrists and physicians from around the globe coming together to share their expertise, exchange ideas, and build community at ICOP educational programs is continuing in this exciting meeting.

ICOP2021 is intended for anyone who is involved with ophthalmic imaging: photographers, medical imagers, optometrists, ophthalmologists, physicians. Presentations will cover a broad area between technology,  pathology and the intersection between these two. 

ICOP2021 will take place at the S.S. Rotterdam, an antique cruiseship, and promises three full days of lectures and scientific papers presented by international speakers from all over the world.

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